Castell del Rei

Castell del ReiThis special route is suitable for a family hike and starts at the lands of Ternelles. A permit to enter this area must be obtained from the council building in Pollença.

The duration of the hike is around 3 or 4 hours, with a total gradient of 544 m.

Points of Interest:

1. The "Cases" Ternelles. Ternelles derives from the Latin, meaning "composed of three". The history of these lands is linked to water and during the Islamic period a complex hydraulic system with fountains, canals and windmills was established.

2. La Nova. This building dates from 1408 and was constructed at the request of Joan Biscaí (hermit), who requested the community prayer be moved from the old Vella.

3. Castell del Rei. Its origin is still unknown, although the finding of the remains of “talaiots” in this area suggests that the Romans used it as a watchtower. What is certain is that Muslims used it to create a fortress which later became the last true bastion of        Jaume III.

4. Cala Castell and Punta Galera. These two beauty spots can be seen from the Castell del Rei.

The route begins at the crossing of the roads of Port de Pollença and Pollença-Lluc, to the north of the town. At the 0,750 kilometer marking of the latter road is found the beginning of Cami de Ternelles (39º 52 '56,65''N / 3rd 0' 47,99''E). It is a paved path between orchards and fields. 

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